Asian Legal Business Cross-Border Legal Practices and Investment Forum

On 19 October 2017 our Franchette M. Acosta and Maria Concepcion P. Simundac delivered a talk on Doing Business in the Philippines at the Cross-Border Legal Practices and Investment Forum organized by Asian Legal Business and held in Beijing, China.  The session devoted to the Philippines focused on structuring and regulation of industries and business activities aligned with China’s Belt and Road Initiative or receptive to foreign investment, such as transport and infrastructure under administration’s Build, Build, Build Campaign. The discussion also focused on manufacturing, IT and other services, banking and financial intermediaries, construction and real estate (socialized housing, tourism and industrial park development).  
The Forum was attended by representatives of Chinese businesses with foreign investment outlook.  Other speakers included resources persons from recognized law and consulting firms in China, Asia and Thailand who spoke of due diligence investigation in overseas M&A transactions, regulatory investigations, cross-border M&A A share listings, merger filings and reviews and investments in the Mekong Region.  The Forum concluded with an informative exchange on the enhancement of cross-border partnerships and connectivity along China’s One Belt One Road Strategy